Hate sports? I will give you some advice.

As parents, we are always worried that children exercise too little - but ourselves? Are we also doing a good example of a good sport? The survey showed that most adults in China and other countries like the United States did not achieve the recommended 150 minutes of moderate exercise or 90 minutes of exercise per week. So for those of us who don't have enough exercise (including myself), how do we increase the amount of exercise?

Exercise health exercise health exercise
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exercise health 运动 健康 锻炼New research tells us that short-term high-load exercise and long-term exercise habits have equal benefits for our health. In theory, 4-7 minutes of exercise is also very helpful! The so-called "high-intensity intermittent training" consists of 30 seconds of body movement, followed by a 10-second interval, and then repeats this action for 15 minutes. It can be a simple squat, but you can go to my website or Google to check out other actions in the "Seven Minutes Exercise." This seven-minute exercise has been sought after by many people after the publication of a magazine. It's like a reduced version of the whole body training, you can continue to alternate training between the main muscle groups, and finally, reach the overall training of the whole body muscles. Believe me, after this muscle anaerobic exercise, you will definitely feel the pain of the muscles the next day!

Another benefit of this seven-minute workout is that it doesn't require any equipment to assist you—either yourself or a wall chair. You can also increase the number of workouts to increase the effect. A ten-second pause between each group is very important to stimulate a healthier and more beneficial metabolic response. You need to use a timer, etc. to help you time, and the app you can use on your smartphone can help you accurately time. Search for HIIT, Tabata or "Workout Timer" in the app store and pick what you like. The 7-minute-workout.net website is also a good assistant for seven minutes of exercise.

The focus of all this exercise is to really let yourself move, rather than slow down and exercise. In terms of exercise intensity, most studies believe that it is necessary to have an "unpleasant" or "uncomfortable" feeling at the end of the exercise. Many reports also mention something called maximum oxygen consumption, which is related to your 100% maximum heart rate. The 2001 study report mentioned that the formula for calculating the maximum exercise heart rate is the number of 208-0.7* age. You must target the heartbeat after the exercise to 80% of the maximum heart rate.
I think that the results of this kind of motion-based research are efficient and clear, and I have changed my mind. I always recommended exercise time (150 minutes of moderate exercise per week, 90 minutes of high intensity exercise) but now my suggestion may be more attractive: three times a week, each time fifteen points. But HIIT is not suitable for all people. I think HIIT is not attractive to people who are already exercising or exercising. And we don't have HIIT long-term effects and risk control data. And HIIT is not suitable for most children - they must reach half an hour of school physical education or extracurricular activities. But for most of the quieter adults who want to exercise but there is not enough time, HIIT is a more comprehensive approach.

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