Have you already got diabetes but don't know it?

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I recently gave a lecture at the US Embassy in China on the topic "How to prevent diabetes." The lectures worked well, and now I want to share with the readers the main points. For example, how many people have been told by doctors that they have pre-diabetes? Even more annoying is how many people have diabetes, but they are unaware?

This is not uncommon: in China alone, nearly one-third of people with diabetes have no knowledge of their illness – mainly because they have never been checked at a local clinic on time. In a recent study, researchers conducted a diabetes test on 900 healthy Beijing natives and found that 22% had pre-diabetes and 11% had diabetes! As a general practitioner, I have seen too many people with diabetes, and the most troublesome is the complications caused by diabetes. I ran too many times in the hospital to see patients who were amputated, blind or stunned into the intensive care unit because of diabetes. If left untreated, diabetes can seriously affect people's quality of life. So my most important task is to get people from the disease at the beginning.
Want to know if you have pre-diabetes? It's really simple, just take 5 minutes a year to do a blood test. If you have not had a physical examination for many years, then I suggest that you still do a physical examination. If you are not wealthy at the moment and cannot pay the high cost of the medical examination center, you can choose to go to your local top three hospitals for a medical examination, which is not expensive at all. Why are blood tests and physical examinations so important? Mainly because diabetes does not have any obvious symptoms, but it damages your kidneys, eyes, heart, and nerves in the dark. Many of these organs have been permanently damaged when they are formally diagnosed. For diabetes, early detection and early treatment are very important: once discovered, you can immediately correct bad lifestyles, plus taking some medications, so you can avoid long-term organ damage.

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