How to keep warm in the long winter?

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Winter always comes suddenly, and my half-hour driving time every day is not so interesting. I took the new clothes I bought last year for dry cleaning: it was a huge down jacket over the knee, which I only spent 500 yuan to customize in the store. I also installed cotton gloves on the bicycle handle and pulled out a pair of leather knee pads. I also started to pick up the goods: there is a Japanese-made warm bag that can be put on clothes in the winter and it takes up to 12 hours to heat up. These warm babies are now sold everywhere: 7-11, Watsons, local pharmacies, etc.

These are just some of the necessities I used to survive the long winter in Beijing. Here are some of my other loved ones:
Use baby moisturizer to care for the skin

The winter in Beijing is too dry, too dry and too dry. It is better to buy a hygrometer! The indoor humidity that is most comfortable for the human body is 40%-60%, but the average humidity in winter is only 15%-20%. This is almost as good as the dryness in the aircraft cabin and will immediately react to your skin and lips. The best anti-dry and anti-itch method are to use a proper moisturizer after bathing. I like Neutrogena, but this year, I found a better choice for myself: baby moisturizer.

Install an eco-friendly fireplace in the room

In the winter, nothing is better than going back home to see a warm and inviting fireplace. That's right, as long as you use a special metal box that burns 95% high-purity alcohol, you can make a fire in any home, any room, and no ventilation, because the combustion process is completely clean. I purchased the Ecosmart brand bio-alcohol fireplace in Dreamland, Blue Ocean, Beijing, and placed it in the living room where the fireplace is usually placed. Although the fire is small, it is a real fire, cute and warm.

Use a foot bath every night

Now that you are in a real fire, you should go to the next step - buy any type of foot machine. You can buy it in various places: Carrefour, Wal-Mart, Suning, Taobao, etc. Going home, soaking in the fireplace, I really enjoyed it!

Open the humidifier

This is more important than using a baby moisturizer every day. A good humidifier can increase indoor humidity by 30%-50%, which will immediately have a good impact on your skin, throat, sleep and wooden furniture. I like the Yadu ultrasonic humidifier or a joint venture between Yadu and Westinghouse.

Let’s put the Christmas tree up now.

Why do you have to wait until December? Put the Christmas tree up now! And don't put it away early: in our home, the Christmas tree will always be placed after the Spring Festival. I have always liked the glittering lights and various decorations on the Christmas tree. You can buy real Christmas trees in many flower markets, or buy cheap fake trees. There are also a variety of holiday decorations in the market that are cheap and amazing.

Eat plenty of sugar fried chestnuts and roasted sweet potatoes

This tradition is the greatest attraction of Beijing's winter season: various hawkers sell savory two-piece baked sweet potatoes, and many shops sell fresh sugar-roasted chestnuts. Line up for ten dollars to buy a bag, then enjoy it!

Go to the local hot spring resort

God has placed some wonderful hot spring resorts in the suburbs of Beijing. I like to go every few weeks, especially when I visit them on those harsh cold days. I think there are definitely more hot spring resorts in other parts of China.

Staying with the loved one

The above suggestions are very helpful, but if I go home and see the fireplace and the footbath, but I don't see my wife, then I will feel a huge and cold hole in my heart. How lucky she is to have her life! It is love that warms me day and night. I hope that everyone has such a special person in their lives. If you don't, keep looking for it - remember, everyone deserves to have love!

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