In the case of air pollution, cycling still benefits more than harm

Happy Elderly Seniors Couple Biking

My patients often ask me the question: Is cycling in a city with very serious air pollution good or bad for health? In response to this problem, some researchers have started relevant research. Now we can breathe a sigh of relief - they come to the conclusion that they are positive, that is, cycling is absolutely beneficial.

The research report was published in Environmental Health Perspectives, great reading material for readers who like to ride bicycles and those who are worried about cycling in the city. The author of the study was a research team from the Netherlands who compiled all the existing data and data from major cities around the world and came up with some very encouraging numbers. The research report states:
According to our assessment, for those who change from cycling or cycling to cycling, the increased fitness can increase the lifespan of 3 to 14 months, which is much more negative than the negative effects of cycling (due to inhalation). The reduced life of polluted air is 0.8 days to 40 days, and the life expectancy due to traffic accidents is 5 days to 9 days). At the same time, cycling can also benefit society, such as reducing air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions and reducing the chance of traffic accidents. Conclusion: For individuals who change their travel patterns, the expected health benefits are far greater than the relative risks.

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