Is your desk ergonomically designed?

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Many of my patients have headaches. After talking with them, I found that most people's headaches are caused by muscle tension in the back and neck (occipital). Some people also have eye fatigue or numbness and tingling of their fingers.

Fortunately, I can figure out the crux of the problem: these patients often stay in front of a computer on their desks in a very incorrect posture throughout the day. The picture below shows you what an ergonomic desk chair. Ergonomically designed office furniture is comfortable and safe to use. Design points for the desk include:

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●●Place the computer screen at an angle that requires a slight bow back
●●Use a strong chair with waist support and armrests
●●Place your wrist under the keyboard to help prevent wrist and hand pains
●● The elbows are bent at 90 degrees, and the armrests of the chair are used to relieve the pressure on the upper back and neck.
I think sitting is a long-lost problem. Most companies don't consider ergonomics at all, and they buy the cheapest office chairs. Chairs are very important. If you feel that the tables and chairs are not suitable, you should immediately give advice to the manager and the human resources department.

Sometimes it's useful to do physical therapy, and the therapist will tell you some simple exercise methods that can be done during and after work. Also, don't forget that pillows are also important. A pillow that is too soft or too hard can cause problems with the neck and front. I really like MUJI's foam-filled pillows, and my recent favourite is a very cheap buckwheat husk pillow.

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