My dietary advice for people with high cholesterol

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In my home clinic, I have a number of health checks every year, and most of them have problems with cholesterol testing. Since high cholesterol is one of the main causes of heart disease, I have spent a lot of energy to help patients develop a reasonable diet plan. But to be exact, what exactly can be called a reasonable diet? We have heard all kinds of crazy dieting methods from various channels, but which one is proven?

First, everyone agrees on the types of high-nutrient foods, including nuts, fish, fiber, olive oil, and phytosterols. Let me talk about the efficacy of each type of food. For readers with high blood lipids, even if you are already taking medication, my advice is equally valid for you:

Eat more nuts: Eat a few servings a week, more than you think, only walnuts can reduce your total cholesterol by 8% -16%.
Eat fatty fish (salmon or sardines): Eat at least twice a week, and get more good. Fish oil can reduce triglycerides by 20% to 50% and is good for your heart. I am a big fan of fish oil.
 fiber! fiber! Fiber: Fiber can reduce total cholesterol by 5-26%. Fiber is especially important for breakfast, even the fiber of whole-grain cereal is good, and oatmeal, muesli, and wholemeal bread are also good sources of fiber. And don't forget that fruits and vegetables also contain a lot of fiber.
Improve breakfast quality: Breakfast consisting of eggs and meat is the worst choice for patients with high blood lipids. You should eat healthier foods such as some fiber foods (whole wheat bread, milk, and oatmeal), plus yogurt and fruit. Want to have some sweet things? Add some honey to the sugar-free yogurt. do you know? A cup of yogurt a day can help you control your weight effectively.
Color is better than white: If you like pasta, rice, and bread, you should at least try to eat the whole food of whole wheat. I don't care which one you choose, whole grain cereals contain more fiber and nutrients than finished white grains. Eating crude foods will also reduce your risk of developing diabetes.
Switch to olive oil: we all need to get some fat from the food, but the fat is good or bad, there is no better health choice than olive oil.
Avoid trans fats: trans fats are at the top of the list of "bad fats." Fortunately, this problem has been exposed by many media, but many biscuits and snacks still contain a lot of such fat that is unnatural and can block arteries. Before you buy something, look at the ingredients list on the package. Now it's clearly marked whether it contains trans fat.

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