Sleep well? Listen to my advice.

Man In Bed With Eyes Opened Suffering Insomnia And Sleep Disorde
I have seen many people in the clinic who can't sleep because of long-term fatigue - it is difficult to fall asleep, and it is difficult to sleep hard. Sleep problems are caused by a variety of reasons, but I think there are some reasons why they are common:

Stress and overwork. Many people feel pressure in their lives, they can't stop their brains when they sleep, and they continue to worry and think about the day. For many people, this is hard to change, but you should stop thinking about problems related to daytime work at least 2 hours before bedtime, leaving your brain and body relaxed.
Too many non-sleeping activities in the bed. You better not watch TV or play computer in bed for a long time. This will make you develop bad habits. When you turn off the lights, you can't sleep. It is best to read, watch TV and play computer in other rooms and go to bed 20 minutes before going to bed. Some scientists have found that the backlight of the iPad and laptop changes sleep mode, so it is not recommended to use these devices before going to bed. Although there is no conclusive evidence for this, you can give it a try and see if stopping these devices will help your sleep.

Here are some suggestions for how to sleep well:

Exercise regularly - but exercise early. Exercise has been shown to help sleep, but you must exercise at least 4 hours before bedtime. Otherwise, you may have too much metabolic energy in your body, which will prevent you from falling asleep. This is especially important for children because many children like to have sports at night.

Do not drink alcohol or smoke before going to bed. Many people suffer from insomnia due to drinking. Alcohol can make you sleepy, but your body will suddenly cheer up in the middle of the night and wake you up. If you have a share, you have to drink it. It is best to drink one or two cups 2 hours before going to bed. Smoking can also cause the same problem: the initial drowsiness will soon be swept away, and nicotine will stay in your body for hours. Caffeine is another cause of poor sleep quality. As I get older, I can't stand the triple-strength cappuccino that I often drink when I go to college, and as long as I drink caffeinated beverages after lunch, I may not be able to sleep. So if you sleep very light, look for reasons from caffeine. Any tea, carbonated drink or coffee that is ingested after lunch will make it hard to sleep. If you have developed the habit of drinking coffee in the afternoon, then at least change to low-sausage coffee.

Another suggestion is that when you can't sleep, it's best not to stay in bed. If you can't sleep for 20 minutes on the bed, it's best to get up and go to another room for a while. Staying in bed for a long time will make you more and more anxious, and eventually, it will become more and more difficult to fall asleep. What is the effect of natural and over-the-counter drugs?

Many people take over-the-counter drugs like Tylenol PM. It is very effective for many people in the short term, but I strongly recommend that you do not take these drugs for a long time, because the hydroxyphenylacetamide component is completely useless, and long-term use can cause liver damage. If you have to take the medicine, buy the medicine that contains only diphenhydramine because only it is an effective ingredient for treating insomnia. As for natural medicines, melatonin is useful for certain types of insomnia, but it is not very effective. Others may have tried some herbs, which usually contain valerian roots, passionflower, hops or honey flower ingredients.

If you follow the above suggestions, but still can't sleep, please don't hesitate to go to the doctor. Our counselors and psychologists can also help you. They will treat you with biofeedback and colored illuminators, or give you some antidepressant and anxiety medications. For children, the psychotherapist's behavioral intervention can be very effective.

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