A partner's behavior that can drive you to depression

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Most of us expect the relationship to be unconditional love, accompanied by feelings of security and security. But it doesn't always happen. A great crush can become a great affliction that can end in depression. See with us what partner behavior can help.

1. When it shows too much its dominance
The partnership should be based on a balance between the partners. As soon as one of them is more dominant and manipulates the other, it goes without saying that the other will not feel comfortable in the long run. No one wants to be controlled and underestimated in all respects.

2. Eternal critic
The long-term feeling, whether you do what you do or not like it anyway, can knock everyone's self-confidence and confidence down. Criticism is simply not the same as feedback.

3. Always tells you what to do

If your partner constantly dictates what you should and should not do, and at the same time makes it clear to you that without it you would not do anything at all, then it will not give you much confidence. Depression arises from a feeling of low self-confidence and confidence.

4. He's trying to control you
Once a man begins to determine how to handle your time, finances or friends and loved ones, it will certainly not bring you happiness. Especially when he adds the constant hunching for things not to his liking.

“Remember, depression is a power disorder. If your partner takes away the power to make your own decisions, or at least participate in joint decision making, this is the quickest way to induce depression, ”warns psychologist Susan Heitler on her blog.

5. When your husband must always be "right"

Once your husband has to be right at all times and is unable to admit his own failure or accept the opinion of another, it does not bode well. Life next to such a man is certainly not simple or happy.

6. When a partner is interested only in his own journey and goal
If you do not work as a team in a relationship and everything revolves around the plans and goals of one of the partners, it is difficult to achieve any harmony of life. And it does not have to be just big plans, but also things like what will be dinner tonight, how we spend the weekend.

7. If the partner is depressed
Depression is contagious. If one of the partners tends to see the world with dark glasses, it is very difficult not to see it over time.

8. When a man is constantly irritated

Everyone has a reason to be irritated and irritable once in a while, but once it's basically permanent, it's hard for the neighborhood to take it with a smile on your lips for a long time.

9. If the partner is offensive and related
Once you have to step around your partner and be in constant stress, so that he is not personally touched by the things you talk about or do, then you can hardly stand in the long term.

And the question is whether you should ever want to stop doing this, because such behavior is simply incompatible with a loving relationship.

10. If your partner is not actively involved in building a nice relationship
You may have a self-sufficient man at home, but if everything about your relationship is up to you, you will never be happy in the long run.

Partners should support each other, pamper themselves, help each other and enjoy joint activities. But if only one side tries to do it, then, instead of joy, she will be overcome by the weight that she has put on her shoulders.

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