Food safety: What is safe for your child?

Now, food safety in China is constantly being questioned by people. Have you considered buying only organic food? Or simply start vegetarian? Perhaps many Chinese people would not consider these issues before, but many people who have emigrated abroad began to choose organic food or become a vegetarian when they weighed their own health and coexistence with nature. But can such a change really lead to a healthier and more environmentally friendly life? Here I talk about this issue from a medical and personal perspective.

Organic food china Beijing food safety Being a vegetarian or giving up most of the meat is a very important life change, but many people swear that they feel that life is healthier and more vibrant. I am a meatless person. If I can't eat meat from now on, I don't think I can do it, but I also start to reconsider because of the huge negative impact on animals caused by animals, especially cattle. I don't think that "red meat" is as unhealthy as some people describe, but our modern Western diet is indeed very unbalanced, and the chance of suffering from heart disease is much higher than that of the ancients who only eat vegetables and grains. In the past 100 years, the biggest change in human diets has been to cover more meat, while fruits, vegetables, grains and nuts have been greatly reduced. Many animals are now farmed on unnatural agro-farms, often injected with hormones for rapid growth and mechanized feeding instead of the traditional way of grazing on the grass. Studies have shown that many doctors believe that the amount of OMEGA 6 fat we are now taking from food has greatly exceeded the amount of OMEGA 3 that is very helpful for heart health. The latter is mainly derived from common plants, fish and nuts. Food. The imbalance between OMEGA 3 and 6 is considered to be the main culprit in heart disease.
That's why I admire the “Vegetarian Monday Campaign”, and their recommendation is to fast meat every Monday. The campaign began with the Johns Hopkins Public Health School and was slowly spread through word of mouth. You can get some great information through their website at, including children's recipes, restaurant menus and more. I think this is a relatively more acceptable way to change your family's daily eating habits, and with this opportunity, you can also try to see if you can really become a vegetarian.

Organic food has also become one of our hot topics. The American Academy of Pediatrics recently published a report on children's consumption of organic foods, which is well worth reading by parents. The American Academy of Pediatrics mentioned in the report that organic foods are largely no more nutritious than traditional foods, and most children cannot benefit from eating only organic foods. This may have subverted the ideas of many people! Although organic food can be reduced

The number of pesticides in children's blood, but the Institute does not believe that this is good for health, the best research report is also vague on this point. Foods such as cereals or onions do not contain large amounts of pesticides, but apples or grapes may have higher levels of pesticides, so if possible, these two foods should be as organic as possible. The US Institute of Labor also believes that organic milk is not more nutritious than traditional milk, but in theory, it may be less harmful to antibiotics to drinking milk from antibiotic-free cows, which is quickly becoming worth worldwide. Concerns.

This report from the American Academy of Pediatrics may be reliable for some people. Don't forget that this conclusion is based on reports from the US market and US farms. I personally think that the problem of pesticide use, the use of chemical reagents and the excessive use of antibiotics, China's problems are much more serious than the United States. Therefore, it is more practical to buy organic food in China than in the United States. Before considering nutrition, avoid harmful substances first!

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