Ice cream | Why We Shouldn't Eat The Cone Tip Why not eat the tip of the cone

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We should eat moderately the tip of the cone of industrial ice cream because it is a concentrate of saturated fats dangerous to health.

In the classic industrial ice cream cone, we find that at the end of the tip, it contains a delicious amount of very tasty chocolate.

Most people are willing to eat that tip of the ice cream cone because they find it especially attractive.

However, some experts point out that this tip of the cone should never be eaten. According to Bert Weckhuysen, a chemist at the University of Utrecht, you should never eat the chocolate tip of the ice cream cone because it is rich in "bad" fats.

Ice cream that never melts, possible thanks to fats
At the tip of the cones of industrial ice cream, there would be mainly saturated fats, the same that we can find in some industrial products that are sold packaged or those found in fatty meats, cheese, and butter.

The problem would be where the chocolate melts. The expert explained that there are two types of fatty acids, saturated and unsaturated.

saturated-fat-filled cone
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The former, if consumed in large quantities, may pose a health risk, especially as blood cholesterol levels increase.

On the other hand, unsaturated fatty acids, unlike the former, which are solid, are presented as liquids at room temperature.

These are, for example, those found in olive oil and that have a low melting point.

Unsaturated fatty acids can be transformed into saturated fatty acids by a hydrogenation process.

It is precisely this process that is used for the production of chocolate used for cones.

Saturated fat at the tip of the cone
According to the expert, the manufacturers of ice cream cones added a lot of saturated fat on the tip of the cone, so that the chocolate remained solid.

For this reason, we would end up consuming a large amount of saturated fat contained in the tip of the cone, which could endanger our health if we consume it in large quantities.

From this point of view, even the classic ice cream cone should be eaten in moderation, like all industrial snacks.

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